Back in the States

So I know this is a very big jump to the end of our China trip. But unfortunately I couldn't update my blog for the last month because blogger was blocked all through out China. Now that we are home and adjusting I could update on everything that we did the last month but it could take me over a month to do so.
These pictures of of my kids and their preparation of the final performance, we did a play based off Peter Pan. We had 2 classes of pirates, 1 class of mermaids, 1 class of Indians, and my class was lost boys. They each memorized about four lines and sang songs, it turned out pretty good they did awesome. I am so proud of them.
There are also pictures of our last day in China, saying goodbye to all our great friends.

The pirates
Three of my lost boys :) So Cute. (by the way I made their costumes and did their makeup)
Cade my little baby Lost Boy! haha so cute!
A Mermaid, an Indian, and a Lost Boy
Chad and a bridge near the school.
Just hanging out at the market (notice the crazy hair, it was crazy humid the last few weeks)
Willy and his sneaky face.

Serina, she is an English teacher at the school we were at.Chad and Jon two of the PE teachers.

These pictures are also of some of our friends in China that we already miss! Love Them!
This is Jordan, Chad would play basketball with him often.

This is Chad, Serina, and King on our last night in China.
These are my kids just being cute.
Chad and Andy, he is the supervisor over the cafeteria and a very dear friend.
Our friends on the last night in China.

We got back on Thursday June 18 at about 6:30 in morning, after almost 25 hours of travel. All four flights went good. It all started at 3 in the morning when we left the school to bus to Shanghai where our flight left at 8 to Hong Kong. We sat on the plane for about an hour before take off so our lay over in Hong Kong was only 1 1/2 hours. Our next stop was Taipei, Taiwan then a 12 hour flight to LA, Californina where we had to claim our baggage then recheck them to SLC. And then found out that our last flight was scheduled to leave a little earlier so we ended up arriving home an hour early then expected.

Since being home everything is going well, Families are fabulous, clean air is a treat, soft beds are amazing, sitting toilets are great, and the food is loved! :)
Now it is just time to find a place to live, jobs to support us, and stabilize our diets again.