Spare Time

I am pretty sure that Cora knows when I need/want to get something done. I know this from today's experience. I wanted to go up to Campus to see Chad at a Health Expo thing going on that he was helping with. And since we don't really have many things to do/see I thought Cora and I would make a date out of it.
The morning started good and was going as planned until Cora woke up from her nap early, I thought she would sleep until 12 then I would feed her and we could go up to Campus. Unfortunately she woke up at 10:30 then wanted to eat at 11:30 then we ran a dessert over to the church for a funeral, I thought it was still to carry on with our plans, Cora was a bit fussy but I could handle it and she would be happier when we were out and about. But then she fell asleep on our way over to the church.
From there I decided to go home and let her get a quick nap in, since she hasn't been taking naps longer than 2 hours, then we could still make it to the expo....
Well here I am bored out of my mind still waiting for her to wake up :)
I have watched a movie, cleaned the house, fixed a dress for her, and wasted as much time on the internet as i care to.
She is going on 4 hours of sound sleep. I would normally love this any other time (and it is still pretty good today) but I thought today was going to be an out and about day....
Oh well. She should be happy when she does wake up.
Here are few videos I took last night.

Sorry this post ended up being longer than I expected. Now you know my whole day :)
Also it is a beautiful day outside, I have my windows open right now and I love it (I also have my heat on so maybe I should close them )