First few weeks of October

The first part of October was spent in our new home, Cortez, CO.
We were excited to start a new part of our lives and see what it is like to live in a new place. Here is a quick recap of what happened the first 2 1/2 weeks of our October.
(Again a explanation of each picture left to right top to bottom)
-This is where we stayed for a little over 2 weeks, a studio apartment. Chad's boss was very kind in letting us stay here until we found a place to live. So the first two pictures are the whole place. It was shaped like an L, both pictures were taken in the same place just turned. We were quite excited to move into a bigger place but it is a good memory now :)
-Lucy Lu all bundled up.
-The best thing about the apartment was the land that it was on, it was beautiful with chickens, cows, horses, bunnies, dogs, and a playground. So our time luckily passed quickly. Cora loved to go for walks to see all the animals but really loved the horses. She also renamed all the animals, she thought of the names all by herself. The horses were Pupcake and Custard (both from Strawberry Shortcake), the bunnies were Max and Ruby, and her favorite dog was Strawberry.
-The Smith's also let us borrow this awesome bike that would move just by moving the steering wheel back and forth. It was fun and it wasn't even built for people my size :)
-This was a picture of Cora and her cousins right before we left Logan... kinda out of place but it was in October.
-During Lucy's nap when Cora wasn't sleeping I usually had to turn a show on for Cora so that she would be quite enough for Lucy to fall asleep... Cora didn't mind.
-She also started to really REALLY love books and would just look at books for ever.
-Probably 4 of the 5 week nights we would go to the rec center and go swimming. It is an awesome pool with a kid pool, duck slide, and a lazy river.
-A not so awesome part of the apartment is that we found a black widow INside the apartment... yeah it was gross and quickly disposed of. And also this little fella just outside our door. It was pretty nasty. At one point in my life I really wanted a tarantula but I really have no idea why that would very be.
-Lucy loving her toes, her favorite toy
-Playing outside.
-Cora really doesn't like showers so she got her own little bathtub aka kitchen sink. It was a perfect fit.


September was a great and busy month.
We spent a lot of time just chillin at home and in the sunshine. We found out that we were moving near the end of the month so also lots of time spent with family and friends.
Now a short description of all the pictures ( left to right, top to bottom)
- Cora and her cousin Issac playing the piano. Cora loves all of her cousins very much
- The worst part of the month was that for about two weeks we had very heavy equipment working right in front of our house. So we often had to park about a block away and the equipment was very loud. I would get pretty upset that they just kept digging up the road and then re-leveling it. The worst part about it was they had this seismic roller thing to push the dirt down but it would literately shake our entire house and was really loud.  Needless to say it got on my nerves a few times. :)
-Just playing in the sunshine with poppers
-Cora eats peanut butter oatmeal almost everyday for breakfast and the morning of this picture her dog teeny tiny was helping feed her. I thought it was pretty funny.
- Pretty Lucy in the sunshine
-Lucy loves her toes
-Again pretty Lucy
-Cora with pigtails even though you can't really see them she looks cute with them :)

And a few videos...
Cora and Lucy both love their daddy
 This was when we were leaving to Colorado... I asked Cora where we were going.



So yes I know it is very much past August but I never really documented it here is a quick recap.
-Awesome Bean Teepees with Grandma Phillips
-When riding in the car the sun would get in Cora's face and she really didn't like it so we kept a spare hat in the car for her to wear to block the sun. And so it often just covered her whole face.
-Falling asleep in the car after fun long days.
-Making lots and lots of jam.
-Pink's Snow Cones (they were some of the best snow cones ever!)
-More snow cones at Aggie football game. Cora's first USU football game, we only made it to halftime but it was fun none the less.
-Camping at the river then going to the lake the next day. I hadn't been since I was a little kid, great memories to share with my family.
-Lucy was a thumb sucker. (it is now November and she no longer sucks her thumb)
-Playing out side and in the tub both great places. In the tub one I was trying to get a good picture of Cora's curls... specifically the one curl right in the middle of her forehead.
-Picnics at the park.
-Sister love at Grandma Bischoff's house. We were able to live in her house in Smithfield for about 2 months. It was great.
-Cute Lucy
-And last picture is rainbow milk... one of Cora's favorite activities. 

And a few videos from the month