Back to School to School to School

We are officially back in the real world, after about 6 months of play time we are back in the swing of things.
Chad and I are both starting our last year of our undergraduate schooling. And things are looking good. I have a pretty chill semester, I don't have any math courses, I finished all of them up last year. So I have only 13 credits of Education courses.... good news not to many intensive assignments... bad new lots of busy work... I think I would rather have Math classes.
Chad on the other has as a very intensive semester. He is taking 19 credits and none of them are show up and pass classes. So all sympathy goes out to him this year :)
Work has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks, for some reason all the students who needed a math class forgot to take the placement exam the past 3 months where there was plenty of time for us to help them. Instead the all remembered last week and this week that they need to take the Placement Exam and they haven't had Math of 4-5 years, and they HAVE to have this class or they won't graduate/getting in their program/live.... Fun times.

Overall life is good. We are moved into our new house. Trailer #165 :) Its a gem. More updates later.

Here are some pictures of us going to school :) Happy first week of school!