Back to School!

Chad and I have officially finished the first week of a new school year and now have a 3 day weekend to recoup from the crazy past week.
I haven't posted for a while because I have been working crazy hours, last week I work at least 12 hours Monday-Thursday, Friday I only had to work 10. It was really nice although still not my prefered schedule. I started my new job at the Math Advising Office, as a Peer Adviser/Secretary/tell everyone they have to take the Placement Exam then they get angry with me. This is where I held prisoner for the beginning of each day. (just kidding I actually really like it)
There was also a Refresher Course offered from 4-10 everyday last week for students who hadn't had math for a while and just needed to "refresh" on their math skills. So needless to say it was a VERY long week.
This week is better although still almost as busy, I now have class to break up answering phones and students telling me about every excuse imaginable, and why they should be excused from taking the placement exam and why they are fine to go to Calculus even though they have only taken 0900.

Anyways enough about my work.... Although if you are interested in our program or would like to know more about the Math Placement Exam which every student has to take if they haven't had a math class with the last year and want to take a math class, feel free to give me a call and I am quite pro at about 5 different conversations that I just said over and over again :)
Oh one cool thing... ok this is kinda dumb but if you call (435)797-0268 and listen to the recording it should sound familiar... its me :)

Ok So now really to this week...School started and is going well. Chad may have changed his degree to just Economics with a MHR minor. We are feeling good about the change and returned his books for 3 classes that he dropped and replaced with others that he will need.
Although I still think we should both just drop out of school and go live in the Alps or something :)
But for real we applied to go to China to teach English to little kids for 5 months this week as well. We should know in about 2 weeks if we can go and where exactly we will be going. We would leave in January and get back in June. We are really excited about it. So I will keep you posted, also if anyone wants to pay for us it is tax deductible :) just kidding

In closing here are some pictures of us before school on our first day of school :) Chad was kind enough to humor me :)

and my necklace kinda dominates the picture but we were in a hurry, we couldn't miss the bus :)
Happy First Week for School! I wish the best to luck to everyone who is in our same predicament and feel sorry of those of you who no longer get to take first day of school pictures :) Chad and I are still working to get a signed piece of paper that says how smart we are.


Newest Addiction

It started about a month before Chad and I got married, Chad has had this desire to buzz his head. I convinced him to not do it at least not before the wedding. Then after the wedding I convinced him to not buzz it until we at least go to church once, so everyone doesn't think he is going through chemotherapy (just in case it turned out bad).
So after the first Sunday that we attended out new ward I had no other excuse, I thought that he would wait for a while later because he still wasn't feeling extremely healthy. But needless to say I was wrong. He did have to wait until after both the Priesthood and Relief Society Presidencies had come and gone. After all the visitors were gone he broke out the buzzer/shaver/... (I don't know what its called). Anyways. Chad and I buzzed his head using at first a #4 then moving down to a #3 guard and finished it off.

Well that lasted about 2 1/2 weeks then he needed an other fix. And a #3 just wasn't going to cut it. So the only thing to do was to use a #2 guard. To fill you in on my perspective... I liked it and was willing to let him do what ever he wanted to his hair, only because I know it grows back fast.
I was happy with the outcome of using both a #3 and #2. It was fun to help him shave it, I gave my first hair cut :) ( I now charge $5 per cut)
This was in the middle of the process. We decided Chad needed a Mohawk. Just in case you are wondering he didn't keep it. (by the way this is what the $5 will get you)

The #2 held him stable for a few days, the addiction was getting worse. Then about 3 days later the buzzer was brought out again and this time not even a #2 was good enough! The only thing strong enough was a #1! The closest thing to no guard with out going overboard. :)
Ok this is sounding a little to dramatic. So to sum up a #1 was used and the user (Chad) says that his addiction is completely fixed. So I will keep you posted to see if that statement is true.This is the newest hair cut using a #1 guard.
And he still looks good even with almost no hair. (One bonus is that I love the feel of his head now)


The Famous Preston Night Rodeo

Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were the most anticipated days of they year for many people. I am sorry to not give you this information before but you will just have to live vicariously through Chad and I.
On Friday night we went to the Preston Night Rodeo. I was excited to go but Chad needed a little convincing so I mentioned the activity early that week and by Friday he agreed to go with me.
We met my sister and brother-in-law, Emily and Matt, there and sat next to them and their almost 3 year old son, Owen. We had great seats, maybe not the best for viewing the festivities but for comfort reasons. We sat on the third row and the two rows in front of us were empty so that made the night much more enjoyable.
In the middle during the bare-backs Chad and I went and got a rodeo burger. As my father always says "Theres nothing like a burger and the smell of fresh cow manure."
Overall it was an excellent night :)
Chad, JoAnna, and Owen enjoying the rodeo.JoAnna and Owen really loving the rodeo.I think Owen is going to be a cowboy someday all because of this one night :)

This pictures is mostly for Lexie, It is the only picture I got of the actual rodeo. For those of you are aren't devote rodeo fans this is the barrel race where cowgirls race around 3 barrels as fast as they can. :)