The Phillips Family

April was a great month it started out with an amazing family coming to visit. My sister in law and her four kids came to stay and they were nothing but a dream to have come.
I am so lucky to have so many great families to look up to and learn so much from. It was great to spend more time with one of them :)

We had lots of fun with them here including: swimming, parks, kites, Anasazi Heritage Center, short hikes, late night snakes with the big kids, quite time, Nintendo DS, more parks, lots of cousin time, story time, and a whole lot of fun!

Here are some videos of Tuck and Tru being awesome. Cora loved having all of them here (and still talks about when her "friends" were here) but she LOVED Truman and he was so kind to play with her and be such a great cousin.

The kids all played hide and seek and it was Cora's turn to count she laid down on this bridge and counted with her hands over her eyes because that is how Tucker did it and she pretty much copied their every move they whole time they were here. Which was a fantastic thing because they are all such good kids.
The rest of the pictures pretty much describe them selves and I stole them from Emily's blog (Thanks Emily :) ) And Thanks again for driving all the way down to hang out with us we loved it! Come again soon.


Easter 2013

We started our Easter Celebration the Wednesday before at storytime in Dolores. They had one of the librarians dress up like the Easter Bunny and hop around outside then come in and give all the kids an egg. Cora thought she was funny when she was outside but when she came in she was a little nervous. Until I told her that she was handing out eggs then she had enough confidence to go get her egg but then kept her distance :)

The library egg hunt was awesome there were a TON of eggs all over the library that the kids to go and collect them all. And each egg had only a few pieces of candy with stickers and/or bunnies in a barrel (like monkeys in a barrel but bunnies)
This is my attempt to get a picture of both Cora and Lucy. They were both having a good time but just didn't want to show it in this picture :)

Since Lucy couldn't eat the candy she decided to eat the eggs

This is Cora and her good friend Hadley at the Easter Egg hut again in Dolores but on Saturday at the park. Cora pretty much cleaned house but was kind enough to give some of her eggs to the littler kids that didn't have as many. Or else we would still probably be eating the candy

Waiting for the hunt to start

This was Easter Day after church. I had made skirts and scarfs for the girls and myself all with coordinating  colors and i didn't want Chad to feel left out so the night before I made my first tie :) I think we all looks quite festive :) Even if we didn't get a picture of all of us together here we all are in many pictures.

March Catch Up

March has come and gone and here is a little bit of what we have been up to.

Lucy became a lot more mobile and could get around... as a side affect here is her first big bonk. (its on her forehead you can't see it super good but it is there)
Cortez has some good windy days so we took advantage of it and went to fly a kite. As a kid what I remember of flying kites was trying to run really fast to get my kite up in the air and anytime I turned around to see it flying it would come crashing down.   But this kite experience was much different, we just stood in one spot and it fly high :)

Lucy enjoyed the grass while we flew kites.

This is Cora enjoying some granola one night before bed. I just love these pictures because it shows how big she is getting! I can believe it.