December Happenings

December has been a fun month we have kept busy with Christmas and just watching our sweet baby girl grow.

At the first of this month Chad received a promotion in the Human Resource Department at USU. He is now in charge of the Benefits for all the benefited employs. I am so proud of him.
He has been doing both jobs this whole month but soon will be doing only the benefits, which will be good to not have to do so much. He is really enjoying it.

Cora is now 7 months old, at her 6 month checkup she weighed 18 lbs 2 oz. and was 26 1/2 inches long. She surprises me everyday! About 3 weeks ago she stared rocking on her knees she practiced that for a while and finally started crawling about a week later.
Last Wednesday Ken and Mary Ellen were over at our house and Cora just crawled over to the couch that we were sitting on and put her hands up and pulled her self up and took a few steps towards us. It was crazy, she had only been crawling for like a week.

And as for me I am busy with Cora and Chad :) In my down time I have taken up the hobby of sewing. I have been meaning to post pictures of some of the thing I make, maybe I will get around to it sometime soon.

We had a great Christmas, Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom's house with Part the Phillips Crew (we missed Brian and Toph and their families). Then Christmas morning we drove over to Brigham City to spend Christmas Day with most of the Bischoff Crew (we missed Bruce and his family). It was lots of fun until about 7 o'clock when I started to get really sick, come to find out I had Mastitis but couldn't get prescription because no pharmacy was open until Sunday morning. We ended up staying in Brigham that night due to me laying helpless on the couch. Then to really top off the night Cora's first tooth popped through. Although we didn't know that was the reason she cried from 2:30-4:30, until the next morning. So we had a very eventfully Christmas night.
We are so gratefully for such great families and friends and the opprotunity we have to live so close to most of them so that we can visit often. Thank you all your love and help.

Now for the pictures.

Here is Cora in her Christmas Dress... She was the cutest baby at Church (all bias left out :) )

Cora defiantly loved having presents under the tree. Mostly because they were so fun to suck on.

These PJ's are so cute, they make Cora Jo into a little present. So after her bath one night we put her under the tree.

Here is her first present from Grandma Phillips, she was excited about it even though she may not look it in this picture.

This is Cora enjoying Grandpa Bischoff's antique train that goes around their tree every year.

Cora loves to play with her Uncle Patrick, they are good buds.
Here are a few videos of Cora pulling her self up and Crawling.


Eating, Crawling, and growing

Cora is getting older and bigger every day. I can't believe it, she is now eating green beans and carrots and loving it.

She was sick for about a month and a half and is finally over it and feeling all the way better. First she had an eye infection then a week later we went back in to the doctor to find out she then had a whole pool of infection that was affecting her eyes, nose, ears, and throat. So we got an antibiotic, once we finished that on she was ok for a few day then started feeling sick again so we took her back in for the third time. Then to find out she still had a sinus infection so we got another stronger antibiotic. Now we are finally done with pinning Cora down and shoving medicine down her throat.

She is also getting up on her hands and knees and rocking and every once in a while face plant it trying to move forward.

I shot this video last week after she was eating. She makes this face when she is both mad and excited. We love her more everyday.

On another note my greatest sister named Emily Huff took our family pictures a while ago and here are a few of our favorites.


California Trip

(This post is lacking in descriptions but lots of pictures)

In August we decided to take advantage of this new thing called paid holiday, and took our first family vacation.
It was quite the trip we left on Friday afternoon and drove to Battle Mountain, NV then got up the next morning bright and early and drove to San Francisco and stayed with our friends Jordan and Andra. They showed us all around the town, it was amazing lots of good food in San Fran. It was a pretty intensive tour trip carrying a baby around but it was great.
We stayed with them in their studio apartment it was a tight squeeze but we were just happy to have somewhere to stay.

Then headed out on Monday to Monterey where we stayed the night in a hotel and relaxed a bit then went to Santa Barbara to stay one night with Vivian, a lady for Chad's mission, and her family. They were SO nice letting us stay and taking us around.

We then ended our trip by staying with our friends Ryan, Tiffani, and Lexi in Riverside area. It was a blast we went to Hollywood, the beach, and a Dodgers game.

So here are all the pictures I will briefly explain each under it. :)

This is us at the beginning of the trip. We weren't that happy at the end after spending 30ish hours in the car.

This is how Cora spent most of the trip, happy and content or sleeping. She really never cried almost the whole trip it was amazing!
Driving across the Bay Bridge.
Being tourists in San Fran, Cora still sleeping.

Us in China town. Surprising similar to China.... We don't really miss the smells of China.

One of the many places we got amazing food.
My sailor baby :)
This was an amazing view of San Fran and extremely windy but so beautiful.
The Golden Gate Bridge and us in the shadows :) On our way to see this view we parked on the side of the road and there was a car next to us that just had its back windows smashed in and their computer stolen. It was scary so Jordan and Andra stayed in the car while we ran and saw the bridge.
Relaxing at Jordan and Andra's.

Lots of relaxing at our hotel in Monterey.
I wasn't kidding when I said that Cora slept for pretty much the whole trip.
Vivian, she was so great.
Cora and Lexi enjoying the beach.
Cora's first time in the ocean.

Sleeping babies at the beach
Chad and Ryan watching T.V. oh and the babies... Also Chad being upset that Ryan kept putting his feet on Chad.
The Hollywood sign. Yeah we are cool :)
The Dodgers Game. So much fun.

Ryan, Tiff, and Lexi (Thanks again for letting us Vacation with you!)
The Dodger Dog
Chad caught a fly... Cora!
And here we are on the way home! Just out side of Las Vegas part of a blown out tire came up and hit our windshield and cracked it pretty good, it was really scary I didn't like it at all but luckily we were safe and it was ok.
This is Cora getting a little sick of the car with all her toys to entertain her. But the only time she cried was on the drive from Brigham City to home for just a few minutes. She was great. But we aren't planning on doing another 35ish drive again for a while.


This isn't a regular baby...

Cora Jo is growing like crazy! We went to the doctor on Monday for her two month check up and the doctor said she was perfect. As of Monday she weighs 13 lbs (93 percentile) and is 24 inches long (95 percentile), He said that developmentally she is about a month ahead of other babies her age. She I was pregnant for a month longer than I needed to be. :)
She also had to get her first set of shots. I was scared for her but it wasn't so bad. They were really fast so it was over quick. She has had a cold for a few days so I was nervous that she would just feel terrible but if she did she didn't show it. She just sleep for about the next 24 hours :) Just barely waking up enough to eat then go back to sleep.

Playing with her rattle and making bubbles

Just got out of the bath which she loves to just relax and enjoy the warm water. Cora also loves to get lotion on after and she smells so good after :)
This is Cora this morning after Chad left for work. She was awake so Chad was holding her then just set her on the couch while I finished getting ready. After about 10 minutes I walked out and this is what I found, a sleeping baby.

We also had the Bischoff Family reunion this past weekend. It was a blast except for Thursday night and Friday morning. Cora, Chad, and I all got sick and didn't sleep much at all that night and then just felt awful that morning. But we started to feel better that afternoon and could participate in all the fun. Thanks again to Mary Ellen and Kenny for all their hard work we loved it!

On Thursday we went to the Redneck Water slide in Wellsville. It was really fun, the videos below will explain what it was.

The first one is Chad and all of his brothers Oldest to Youngest. After the train they all had a competition to see would could go the furthest... Chad won both times! :) Way to go babe :)

The Second one is Mary Ellen going down the slide. She was braver than I, she went down more than once and loved it Me on the other hand was a sissy and went down once and hurt my elbow and that was enough. I would post a picture about my bruised elbow but it doesn't look nearly as bad as it feels. So just image a really bad bruise and think that I am tough :)


More Pictures

I know I just posted a bunch of pictures but my sister Cathrine took these today and they are just to cute to not post :)
So here you go another overload of pictures.
For a little bit of information.... We went to the doctor at 3 weeks (2 weeks ago) and she was 10 lbs and 4 ounces (91 percentile) and 22 inches long (91 percentile)
And has grown more since then, I'm guessing she is close to if not 12 lbs already!

The blanket in these ones was made by Chad's Grandma Bischoff for him when he was a baby. One side is pink and the other side blue because they didn't know what Chad was going to be.