Grandma and Grandpa Bischoff's Visit

*** Since Blogger has blocked my photos from the past year I had to delete all the photos/videos from the past year and re insert them. So the words no longer go with the pictures but at least they are both there :) ***

The week after the Phillips family came to visit we were lucky enough to have more visitors! Grandma and Grandpa Bischoff came to visit and we had such a great weekend. Filled with lots of fun and great company.

Cora was excited to have someone else participate in her favorite pastime... Reading books :)

While they were here we all went to Mesa Verde for the first time. It was really cool, Cortez in only 9 miles from the entrance of the park and less than an hour drive to the ruins. It features numerous ruins of homes and villages built by the Ancestral Puebloan people and has really neat cliff dwellings.

This is everyone at the museum learning all we could before hiking to the cliff dwellings.

 On the hike down to the dwellings. It wasn't to bad of a hike and Lucy didn't think it was bad at all she could hike all day :)
 Chad and Cora at the ruins. So this is where they would live, it was just carved rock and mud and sticks it was really amazing to see.
 This is a kiva that you could climb down into and was just a small domed room. It was really amazing.. did I already say it was amazing? :) Cause it was
 This is what a kiva looks like with out the roof. This is where they would do the fire to cook and stay warm and also stay cool in the summer.

 Resting at the top, everyone made it back and didn't have live in the kiva.
 Cora would go different places and say "take a picture of me here", or " is this a good picture?"
 Here is the whole thing from above. I don't know if you will really be able to see it but the ruins are right in the middle of the picture.
 There aren't alot of places to eat out here in Cortez but we took the Bischoff's to one of our favorite places Lotsa Pasta That'za Pizza. It not a place to go if you want your food quick but if you are ready to sit back relax enjoy good company, beautiful view, and good food then its the place to go.
While there Lucy showed us that she really really loves oranges and couldn't get enough of them. Since then they are still her favorite food, she will eat a whole orange and still want more.

Tidbits of April

 Who doesn't love a cute baby in the tub?

Cora started a new chore around the house. It is now her job to put the silverware away from the dishwasher. She does a pretty good job some days are better than others :) But every time she is very proud of herself.

Nap time is still off and on. We worked on staying in quite time for an hour and someday would end like this.... sleeping among whatever activity she was doing at the time :) Wither it books, legos, stickers, or crying. I love seeing how she falls asleep. 
My amazing sister Cathrine ran the Boston Marathon and was one of the first people to be stopped from finishing the race. Everything turned out great she and my mom were both safe but before all the craziness we were the best cheerleaders from a few thousand miles away :)
 I have been meaning to get these on video for a while and finally remembered to get them. Cora has an excellent memory and loves to play this game that we each have a turn to quote a nursery rhyme. These videos are of her doing some of my favorites.

 And doing this is the way the lady rides. A classic favorite at our house.

 Then just a few cuties doing what they do best... be crazy cute.