New challenges of a growing girl

Cora is growing up more each day she is such a little girl now, no longer my little baby.  Last night I showed her Photo Booth on our computer and before I knew it she was taking pictures herself. She thought it was pretty funny. I love watching her learn new things.

With all this growing up we are facing new challenges that I would love to hear anyone advise on.
First is nursery.... She doesn't like it unless mom or dad are in there. I know this is common but is there a way to help her like it? 

She is also trying to decided if she like one or two naps. We are mostly doing one but sometime she only sleeps for a short time for that one and then is no the happiest little darling for the rest of the day.
Today I needed her to take 2 naps so I put her down for a morning nap and she ended up playing with her baby for over an hour until I went in there and took it away so she would fall asleep, Is there a rule or suggestion as to toys in the crib?  I have let her the past week or so cause she either sneaks them in there or else is really excited to have a toy to play with. It hasn't been a problem until today, and even today it wasn't a problem it is fun to hear her jabbering to her baby and monkey learning to play by her self.

That's really the only problems or questions I have she really is a great baby overall and I just can't help love her silly happy face.


Our Baby

So it has been awhile since I have posted so to update you on the most exciting news first, Our baby.
I am currently 22 weeks and feeling pretty good. This pregnancy has been a bit rougher on my then Cora was but I have been feeling good the last few weeks and just need to remember to stay away from sugar because it makes me sick if I eat to much. You would think that would be easy to remember that if I eat to much sugar I throw up but for some reason my brain has a hard time comprehending it :)

About a month ago we got an ultrasound to see how our baby is growing and it looks like Cora is going to have a little SISTER to play with. We are excited to have another little girl. It also works out great in the fact that we won't have to buy any clothes because they will both be born in May, good news :)

I don't think that Cora understands a whole lot, but she does know that there are pictures of the baby on our fridge and when I ask where the baby is she will point at my belly... or her belly... or anyone's belly. But I think she will be a great big sister.

Here are a few pictures (sorry they are bad quality, I don't know why really.... but better than nothing)

Here is me at 22 weeks

 This is our baby girl's feet at about 19 weeks.
The ultrasound tech couldn't ever get a good 3D picture of her face so this this what we did get a good picture of... I guess it may just be her best side (jk) :) Here is her little bum.