It is Official

Yesterday I got some exciting news....
I get to teach a class up at USU this next semester.
I wasn't looking for work but my good friends up in the Math office (Linda Skabelund) are always looking out for me. They were looking for another Adjunct teacher and asked if I would be interested. I told them I would be interested depending on the time/days. So they asked what would be best for me and I told them evenings so that Chad could be with Cora.
Then a few hours later I got a call back and they said that they decided to open another evening class and if I would be willing to teach it.

So I am now the teacher of Math 1010 section 25 Monday and Wednesday 6:00-8:00

I guess it is a good thing that I got my degree :)
Here is proof :)


On A Roll... Now for Cora

So this is the 3rd post tonight! I know, I know a little out of control but you may notice a bit was lacking the the aforementioned posts... Ranting/bragging/boasting/boring you with information about the one and only Cora Jo Bischoff. :)
Well here it is.
She is now 14 (almost 15) months old. I love spending every day with her and I really think she gets more fun each day. Today she made me laugh all morning she was being so funny. Thinking she is sneaky, trying to get the smarties and run away. Unfortunately for her we have a very small apartment; she can't hold in her laugh when she is being sneaky; and her mother follows her around almost constantly for company and laughs :)

  • A few things she loves:Feeding her baby and/or taking care of her baby. She is going to be a great mom she plays with her baby about 80% of play time.
  • We have been going to the Logan Aquatics Center every Saturday morning (which she LOVES) and last week we took her down the slide, we couldn't keep her away from it until we left and there was much crying once in the car. She was so cute, she would get so excited and laugh the whole way down.
  • She loves her daddy. We go outside and wait for him to come home from work and she just says Dad dad and runs to him when she sees him. But then usually runs away to have him chase her. 
  • She also loves to give kisses to mom and dad. (We don't object to it)
  • Going for walks/runs. Especially if it to a park with a slide and little kids to watch
  • Playing the tub and sink
  • Climbing up on things and scaring me when I realize she is there
Here are some pictures to satisfy those who fell asleep reading the above post :)

This was a little pool party at our apartment. We had two little girls right by us.

We love her 

Great Neighbors and Friends

Have I ever mentioned how much we love living on Dee Ave?
Well here I am now saying it. I love it. Not only it is a great apartment, free heat, great location, great yellow counters. We have fantastic neighbors.
I am lucky enough to live yelling distance away from a good friend from high school, well two good friends from high school Shay and Michelle.
They being the good people the are invited us to have a hobo night with them.
We went up to Michelle beautiful cabin and cooked our selves some tin foil dinners and they were yummy.

It was a great fun. Michelle taught Cora how to "cut the pickle... tickle tickle" and she still will only do it with Michelle. She must have some magic fingers :)
Again we have great neighbors and friends

The Past 2 Months

So I kind of have an excuse for not posting for so long... Our computer died. But thanks to great neighbors and friends we had a laptop to use (Thank You Shay and Michelle) and now a new computer (Thank You Lo). We now have a desktop and I quite like it. It makes me feel like I am more wasting time when I am doing just that... wasting time. But that is not the purpose of this post.
It is an update.
It has been a great 2 months. Chad hasn't had any school and so our weekends were school free! Yahoo. Unlike tonight, which is not school free :(
We attempted to go camping a few times. We even bought a huge eight man tent that Chad (6' 3" Chad) can stand up straight in almost all the way out to the side. Needless to say it is huge. And camping with my family we the smallest family had the biggest tent. I doubted at first but after being able to stand up and rock Cora in it I had nothing but praise for that tent. But back to the camping, we went up twice and the first time I got a few hours of sleep in, while in the car and the second time we came home at 11:30 cause someone wasn't going to sleep. But it was a good idea and now we have a great tent to in theory go camping.
A good thing that did happen at the river was lots of floating. Chad started a tradition of 10:00 pm float. The pictures below show that, They liked it so much they went like 8 or 10 times. My excuse was that Cathrine had my swim suit so I could participate.

We had family in from Michigan/Wisconsin in and had a blast with them. But unfortunately I am a terrible person and didn't get a single picture. But we LOVED having Brian, Lexie, and their family here. We miss them already.
Some sad news we finally sold my beloved moped. I got this treasure my freshman year of college and loved it ever since. It has many fond memories and I was sad to see it go. But it went out of our lives along with many of our house hold items thru a garage sale we had with my mom. Chad's Minimalism paid off :)