December Happenings

December has been a fun month we have kept busy with Christmas and just watching our sweet baby girl grow.

At the first of this month Chad received a promotion in the Human Resource Department at USU. He is now in charge of the Benefits for all the benefited employs. I am so proud of him.
He has been doing both jobs this whole month but soon will be doing only the benefits, which will be good to not have to do so much. He is really enjoying it.

Cora is now 7 months old, at her 6 month checkup she weighed 18 lbs 2 oz. and was 26 1/2 inches long. She surprises me everyday! About 3 weeks ago she stared rocking on her knees she practiced that for a while and finally started crawling about a week later.
Last Wednesday Ken and Mary Ellen were over at our house and Cora just crawled over to the couch that we were sitting on and put her hands up and pulled her self up and took a few steps towards us. It was crazy, she had only been crawling for like a week.

And as for me I am busy with Cora and Chad :) In my down time I have taken up the hobby of sewing. I have been meaning to post pictures of some of the thing I make, maybe I will get around to it sometime soon.

We had a great Christmas, Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom's house with Part the Phillips Crew (we missed Brian and Toph and their families). Then Christmas morning we drove over to Brigham City to spend Christmas Day with most of the Bischoff Crew (we missed Bruce and his family). It was lots of fun until about 7 o'clock when I started to get really sick, come to find out I had Mastitis but couldn't get prescription because no pharmacy was open until Sunday morning. We ended up staying in Brigham that night due to me laying helpless on the couch. Then to really top off the night Cora's first tooth popped through. Although we didn't know that was the reason she cried from 2:30-4:30, until the next morning. So we had a very eventfully Christmas night.
We are so gratefully for such great families and friends and the opprotunity we have to live so close to most of them so that we can visit often. Thank you all your love and help.

Now for the pictures.

Here is Cora in her Christmas Dress... She was the cutest baby at Church (all bias left out :) )

Cora defiantly loved having presents under the tree. Mostly because they were so fun to suck on.

These PJ's are so cute, they make Cora Jo into a little present. So after her bath one night we put her under the tree.

Here is her first present from Grandma Phillips, she was excited about it even though she may not look it in this picture.

This is Cora enjoying Grandpa Bischoff's antique train that goes around their tree every year.

Cora loves to play with her Uncle Patrick, they are good buds.
Here are a few videos of Cora pulling her self up and Crawling.