Happy #3

Today I am accomplishing a great Feat I am making a post that is not only a month past but it is happening today! Today is our Three Year Anniversary. I can't believe that we have been married for 3 whole years.

I couldn't be happier with the man that I have chosen to spend the rest of eternity with and am so gratefully that he was willing to be bribed into marrying me. He is such a hard worker and I love to watch him work and see him flourishing in the role of the provider for our family. He is a great husband and a fantastic father. Cora and I are so lucky to have him as our man.

We celebrated our #3 yesterday because today is Sunday and Sunday all ways gets over taken with meetings before and after church and tired baby and tired parents. So Chad set up a surprise date for me Saturday afternoon.
We started with lunch at McDonalds (classy I know) then so relax time then Chad and Cora went to start the surprise while I stayed home and bummed around. Then Chad came back with out Cora and a Canoe on top of our car. We went up 2nd North and there is a little dock that you can go off and just meander around the river. It was fantastic. It felt like we were in another land :) There were all kinds of birds every where and we even saw a baby fawn. It was great. And Chad didn't yell at me for not knowing how to paddle :)
Then we went to our favorite restaurant, Tandoori Oven, and had Butter Chicken (our favorite) and went and picked up Cora at my mom's. Then finished off the night playing kinect with Cathrine and Lo.

It was a great day.


Good Morning Independence

 Cora loves yogurt and loves to feed herself and I just couldn't resist. So here is our morning so far.


Tidbits about April and May

It is June already, Wow. Due to the lack of Internet and my laziness I haven't posted for a while so here are a few pictures to give you taste of what our April and May was like.
Baby Animal Days, It wasn't actually THE Baby Animal Days but a week or so after but the animals were still babies and we loved it.

Cora has been helping me cook/wash dishes in the kitchen. This is her helping me make some carrot cake. It turned out fantastic by the way. It you are ever looking for a good carrot cake recipe I would suggest making this one. Especially the cream cheese frosting, If you ever need cream cheese frosting make this one (its the same recipe but its just so good) :)

Here she is again with all her flour glory

(Sorry a few of them are sideways) Here is Easter Cora didn't really get the whole race after the eggs idea but she did love chewing on the basket and sucking on the wrapper of a piece of candy. Yeah we are cruel parents that would let her have candy yet :)

Some of the Bischoff cousins on Easter just hanging out under the counter.

Cora and Daddy in their Easter Best.

Patrick, Cora, and Grandma Phillips on Easter Sunday. Cora sure loves these two they take good care of her.

Grandma Phillips was kind enough to do a Easter Egg Hunt exclusively for Cora unfortunately the previous hunt and the Bischoff's house wasn't prep enough. She still didn't know what to do and the grass was still a bit of a unknown and not so delightful.  

We purchased a King Size bed. I can't believe how huge it is! I brought Cora in with us one morning and she feel back asleep and she just looked so tiny. By the way I think this is the only time that she has fallen back asleep with us, she is kinda stubborn like that.

Cora has started using sippy cups, This day she was pretty excited about it :)

Cora likes to play in the cupboards and one day she sat in this bowl so we made a little ride for her out of it. She loved it.

I had to add this one I was taking pictures of the above "ride" and this is the last one that I took. Lets just say the ride was fun until your hands stay in the bowl and your face hits the floor. I just thought it was funny
There were also a few big events in May that I will post about later such as Cora's First Birthday and our trip to Michigan. But for now this is what you get our Tidbits.