St. George and Other Happenings

We have been loving the few and far between days of sun here, I can't wait for it to be consistent. To escape the rain and snow Cora and I took a quick trip to St. George with my fabulous sisters, Cathrine kindly asked us to drive down with her on Thursday and then we came back with her on Saturday morning. It was such a fun trip, Thanks again Emily Ann for letting us crash your spring break. It was filled with lots relaxing and playing with cousins. There ended up being 6 adults (5 girls and 1, 98%, man :) ) and 11 kids. We stayed in my sister in law's parents house that was between renters so there wasn't any furniture or stairs so Cora just roamed free and did what ever she wanted. It was again so fun.
Cora even did pretty good on the drive no break-downs or hours of screaming which was pretty good for being strapped down for 6 hours each way. We were excited to get home and see Chad, Cora was excited to see her Daddy and gave him a big hug when we got home.
Here are a few pictures from the trip.

On the Drive down.

Puffs banana bread and water helped keep her happy the whole trip. Who knew one baby could make such a mess.

Cora walking out side the house in the warm sun.

I thought she looked so big in this picture, She is growing up so fast.

Still not sure about the grass

This is at the St. George Temple Visitors Center. Cora kept her arm like this for most of the time Elliot was asleep, She loves all her cousins.

Cora's first time seeing the Christus, Ignore the dirty face, she was eating treats to keep her happy.

Just relaxing on the temple grounds is was sunshine

This was actually a few days after we got home but that is how we both felt after we got home on Saturday :)
Cathrine and Emily have a lot more pictures of the activities that we did perhaps I will get around to posting those sometime too.

Other than that Cora has defiantly mastered the task of walking and walks every where now, even down the stairs which quickly turned into a falling down the stairs... time to practice going down the right way. Luckily she was fine and doesn't even have fear of the stairs, unfortunately.
Here is a video of her dancing/falling/walking.
 Now for the random pictures...

Cora got a baby doll from Tyra that came with a backpack and she recently found out how to wear it and loves to wear it. She will bring it to me to put on and just walking around with it on for like 20 minutes. Every once and a while she will reach back and pull on it thus making herself fall down but she thinks it is funny so I don't ask questions :)

Here she is eating some pears that I bottled last summer. I love feeding her those pears and peaches It makes me feel so domestic :)

And here are a few to end Wishing you a Happy Easter.
The Bischoff Family


Cora's 10 Months

I have very talented older sisters named Cathrine and Emily. They were kind enough to share that talent with me.
We had another photo shoot when Cora turned 10 months old. Both their talents and mine are on display :) They took all the fantastic pictures and I made all the outfits.
They did a great job but it is really that hard to get a cute picture of this sweetheart :)

Thanks again Emily and Caddy.
Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)
Emily took the ones by the window in the black and white dress and Cathrine took the rest.

 I love this laugh.


Random Pictures

Life here at the Bischoff Home has been pretty good.
Most of you know but since about December Cora has as one ear infection after another. My best guess is that every time she gets a tooth it somehow causes an ear infection to come in with it. She has had 5 or 6 ( I don't remember) antibiotics to get rid of them. I don't like giving her medicine but I am grateful that we live in a time that we have antibiotics to cure these small sicknesses.
At her nine month check up she had lost some weight since the last time we were in so she was put on a very strict diet of eating a lot more :) Which proved to be harder than expected because she get very distracted while nursing... Even when it is just me and her she somehow hears ever sound and has to see what it was. But she is gaining weight again and is at 20 lbs and 4 oz.
She is now 10 1/2 months old! She has been taking steps for about a month now but just the last few days has really taken off walking. She walks all over our apartment, it is my favorite how she turns around it is a very wide turn and she is still a bit wobbly but defiantly gets around.

Chad is still busy with work, school, and his church calling of ward clerk. We are both excited for summer to really get here so we can spend time outside. I have been keeping busy with Cora and sewing what ever my little heart desires :) I really enjoy making things for Cora to wear and to create something just out of fabric, it is so fun. Also love looking at other peoples blogs to see what they come up with, there are so many talented people out in this world.

 This towel was made for Cora when we went to California this past summer, Vivian, a lady from Chad's mission made it for us. We are a very spoiled family to have so many wonderful people who love us.
This is Cora's favorite place to play she gets in there and takes all the bowls and pans out.. fun fun fun :)
This is what I found one day when I came home from a meeting. Both taking a little Sunday nap.
 Here is Cora in one of the dresses that I have made for her. I am excited that she is now walking so that it is easier for her to wear dresses :) Because I LOVE putting her in dresses and now she won't get mad because her knees are stuck in the fabric. :)
Cora also likes helping me sew... or she just loves the thread spools. I don't know what it is about them but she loves them.
 The two people I love most.
 Just a quick family shot.

 Sorry I don't know why it is turned... But also another past time of Cora's taking all the garbage bags out of the box.
This picture was on her 10 month birthday, her first piggy tails :)