I don't update my blog very much because I don't take pictures of anything, and I feel like if I don't have a picture to post then I can't post about anything. But here I am breaking the mold, posting with out a picture. Sorry.

I have been student teaching out at North Cache 8-9 center teaching Pre- Algebra and helping out with Algebra 2. It is a blast, I love it. I teach 2nd and 3rd hour Pre Al to my 8th graders then my teacher teaches the rest of the day and I just help out when I can. I will be taking over 5th and 6th hour at some point but I don't know when that is.
My classes are really funny, 2nd hour is pretty quite it is still early in the morning so they aren't awake yet but something magical happens in the 5 minutes inbetween 2nd and 3rd hour. They all wake up and are very talkative. My 3rd hour often gets distracted by my belly. I can see them all just staring at my belly in amazement. I know it is getting bigger everyday but just focus on the assignment/notes :) Twice it has happened that I was in the middle of teaching and someone just shouts out "What are you having again?" and then "What are you going to name her?" from that point on it is almost impossible to get then back on topic.
There are some hard days but overall it is awesome, the kids are so funny and at least seem like they are understanding what I am trying to teach.
One funny story, we had a three day weekend last week and on Friday I asked if anyone had plans for the weekend and it was 2nd hour so no responce so I said that they should all be rested up for class on Tuesday then Savannah said "I am going to have a hang over on Tuesday." This is a very good girl not someone I would expect to have a hang over, after asking a few more questions over my laughing I realized that she doesn't actually know what a hang over is. She was just referring to still being tired on Tuesday because of the long weekend, or something to that effect. But it was really funny.

As for Chad he is busy busy busy. He is again taking 20 credits so that we can both graduate in May! (Yahoo!) But that 20 credits is not so fun right now especially the classes he is in. In all of his classes he has a group project that keep him at the library almost every night.
Sometimes I go with him just to make me feel like I am still in school but I usually just end up sitting out side of his meeting waiting for him to get done so we can go home.
Although he has hard classes he is of course doing amazing in all of them and impresses me everyday with how much he does and gets done each day.
He is also working at Convergys as the HR intern, which is a great opportunity to practice what he will be doing after graduation. I am so proud of him :)

As for Baby Girl. She is growing everyday and getting stronger. We went to the doctor is past week and were told that everything is perfect. We are so blessed to have a healthy baby and to have everything be going so smooth. Hopefully it will continue in this same trend for the next 13 weeks or so until she comes. She likes to move and flip around which is ok most of the time except for when she takes a liking to my back muscles then its not so fun.

Overall life is pretty great and we are excited for May to come for graduation and this little baby girl! Again sorry for no pictures, I really feel bad about it.