China here we come

The Newest and Greatest information.... (not really that exciting but here it goes)
We leave for China on February 4, 2009 at 9:05 pm.
We leave SLC Airport on Delta and fly to San Francisco then fly China Air to Taipei then on to Hong Kong.
So the countdown is on as 2 weeks from today.

Also Chad and I got new glasses, I haven't had new ones for about a 7-8 years so I was a little overdue for new ones.
Here are some pictures of our new frames :)


Change is Coming

Just to let everyone know. We will be changing our blog address, it has been submitted and the change and has been approved by the committee. So starting later this week or the being of next week Chad and JoAnna Bischoff's blog will not be found at chadandjo.blogspot.com.
It will now be located at


Sorry for the switch but we don't want this blog to be confused with a blog of two males.
Hope everyone has a fantastic day and can follow our trail of blogs :)


My fun weekend

So it is currently 7:30 one Friday night and since a little before 8 today I have been in the Engineering building at USU mainly in Room 103.
Before every Fall and Spring semester USU Math Department offers a wonderful class called the Math Refresher course. It is usually a week long course where there are 4 different classes of Math 0900, 1010, 1050/1060, and Calculus, in these classes you quickly review all the material in the corresponding classes. Although since classes start so early this year we got to cram all the information into 2 days right before school starts.
This is the reason for my pounding head ache right now and my extremely restless legs. I have been the TA for the Math 1050/1060 review course and am very tired of wasting time on my computer. I have gotten on Facebook about 6 time today and don't have anything to do!
In this boredom I did find a new fun game. It is located at http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-gravitygrid/index.html It is really fun and kept me busy for about 2 hours of the 12 for the day.

Tomorrow should be just as good as today is because everyone (about 110 people) get to take the placement exam and hopefully show that they learned what they needed to in able to get into the class they wanted. And it should be fun because school does start on Monday and I am expecting everyone to be a little mad if they don't place in the class. Well only 20 more minutes until I get to go eat dinner.

Maybe you get to read more rambling tomorrow while I waste more time. :) Here is a picture to express my boredom.