I just had a good cry after looking at pictures of my babies in China...
I miss them so much.
I posted a few pictures so you can see the cute faces that I love.

I miss you my little trouble makers
Love Teacher JoAnna


Back to real life

We have been back in the States for almost three weeks now, and real life is hitting us hard. There will be no more sleeping in, checking emails for a few hours, teaching for 3 hours then relaxing from the hard day of work. It is now get up super early (for Chad at least) working lots and lots and school (again just for Chad). So mostly I just work lots and have normal work hours while Chad gets up super early and has lots of work and school, he is amazing!

Both of us got our jobs back, Chad at Impact Payments and I at the Math and Stat Advising Office up at USU. We are so blessed to both have good jobs.

An update on our trip home: The last day at our school was so sad, we had to leave at 3 am so the night before we packed our bags and put them on the bus. While we were doing so there were about 10 little girls that were just standing at the door and in their window crying their eyes out cause we were leaving. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen, we didn't even teach these kids they were just students at the school that we saw every once and a while. They are so sweet.
Saying good bye to my kids was one of the hardest things I have done, they are just too cute, even though I some times wanted to lock a few in a closet for a bit I love them all so much. I went into their class room to give them a portfolio of the work we had done in class and a few started crying and I couldn't control my self. I had 3-4 kids hanging on me crying so hard they couldn't breath, so anyone who knows me knows that I was the one crying the hardest yet trying to be brave and tell them it will be ok and we will always be friends. I will forever love those kids in China.

Both Chad and I miss all our friends in China like crazy! There are so many amazing people all over the world.
We left the school at 3 am and had a grueling 25 hours and four flight of travel home from Changzhou. Everything went rather smoothly we made all our connecting flights and our last flight actually ended up leaving an hour early so we got home at 6:30 instead of 7:30 on Thursday June 18. Both our families where there to meet us and we went out to Crown Burger for some good American food. :) It was awesome!

For about the next 1 1/2 we were extremly turned around on our sleeping schedule, it didn't help that we were at a Bischoff family reunion in Bear Lake where we stayed up until 1-2 every night. Bear Lake was so fun, staying up late getting to know family better and eating great food.

The next week we were back to work and now starting this past Monday Chad started school. So here we are back in real life... I think I may like the only teaching 3 hours a day .....