An update on our baby girl!

So last night at dinner JoAnna started to have some regular contractions. They started to get worse and we waited until about 10:30 pm to come to the hospital.

Here is a play by play of what has happened so far.

10:30 pm: Contractions are 2.5 minutes apart, Dilated to a 1.5

12:00 am: Admitted to the hospital, Contractions every 1 to 2.5 minutes

5:00 am: Dr. Mculloch broke her water, Dilated to a 3

7:15 am: Receives epidural, Dilated to a 4

9:00 am: Dilated to a 7

JoAnna has been doing really well. The nurses say that her contractions are unusually close to each other (every 1.5 to 2 minutes).

It is 9:15 am right now and we are excited to have her.

Here is a picture of JoAnna:


Graduation and Birthday

Chad and I are both now Alumni of Utah State University! We graduated from USU on May 8, 2010, it was a great day. I can't believe that we will not be registering for classes ever again! Unless of course either one of us decides to go to grad school some day... ( you just never know)

We got ridiculed a bit for going to our graduation ceremony but after it was all said and done we both really enjoyed it. It was fun to be surrounded by so many graduates and to have a time to celebrate us finishing school. Chad joined the College of Science so that we could walk together instead of me walking with the College of Science and Chad with the College of Business. It was great, the ceremony only lasted about 45 minutes and was very entertaining. YEAH US! :)

And there is one thing for sure, if you don't feel pregnant enough at 37 weeks put a gown on. They are so flattering and make you feel so slim.... ok that is false I would not suggest wearing a cap and gown when you have an enormous belly.

As for other happenings in our life, Chad is looking for a job (if anyone hears of anything let us know) and I am patiently waiting for this little girl to come out and keep me company. Chad is still working at Convergy's until the end of this week then he will start a full time job of finding a job :) And I am just hoping that I will have a play mate some time in the next week, and I would even take by the end of this week :)

It was my birthday this past Friday and boy oh boy was I ever spoiled! It was a great day! Chad had an interview down in South Jordan so I went down with him. I always enjoy drives (except maybe in Salt Lake traffic) After the interview (that went great) we ate lunch at In-N-Out it was really good. I then suggested that we could go look at the tulips at Temple Square since we were already down there. On our way Chad pulls into The Red Lion and asks if we should go check it! He had booked a hotel room for the night and totally surprised me! What a stud :) He also got me a one hour massage that I can do while I am pregnant, I guess the lady has a table that has a place for my belly to go. ( I am quite excited to use it tomorrow)
It was so fun we went to Temple Square and were inspired by both the beauty of the gardens and the power of the Spirit that was everywhere. While we were there we watch a video that was by the Christus that was all about eternal families, it was excellent I would definitely suggest going to see it if you haven't. I will give you fair warning that if you are about to have a baby girl that is what a portion of the movie is about and it may cause some tears or in my case a lot of tears :)
It was a wonderful weekend and I couldn't have asked for anything better.
This is a picture of me today... hopefully just days before she gets here :)

This ended up being much longer than I anticipated but there you go! Enjoy
Sorry no pictures from my birthday weekend I didn't take a camera for the interview.


Catch up

I finally went and bought a card reader to get the pictures off our camera! These pictures have been on the camera for almost a year.... I am really on top of it. :) So the first pictures are from the last few months in China, crazy to think that we have been home for almost one year! It is great to be home but there are a few things that we miss such as our students and the Chinese teachers.

This first picture is of me and my students right before the final performance. Just to remind you in case you forgot they were lost boys :) And I did their costumes and make-up.... I know you can hire me out for parties.
This is Chad just chillin at one of our student's house, with a stuffed monkey.
Here we are in Suzhou at a garden, Chad made friends with these old Chinese ladies that had us check our balancing skills. They were much better at it than us. You stand on one foot with your eyes closed and try to stand still. It is harder than it sounds.
Just us in China.
This picture is on a holiday trip, the holiday was Dragon Boat Festival. (if you look close, you can see a gigantic Buddha behind my head)

It isn't official until Saturday but Chad and I are graduating! We are both done with all final papers, projects, lessons, and tests. And man does it feel good! Now it is on to the job search...
It is a pretty crazy feeling of not knowing what to do next. I guess just wait for this baby to come. Which is getting harder and harder to wait for. She is due May 24 and not showing any signs of coming early, dang it. Last week at the doctors office I was 80% effaced but not dilated at all. So this morning when we went I was sure that I would at least have started this birthing process.... but surprise nothing. Still not dilated at all. oh well I guess I just have to be patient.

Here are some old pictures again.
This was our last Aggie Basketball game as students. Luckily they won :)

Here is a picture of me today... Yup getting huge. Or as Mike would say "getting very round"
These next few weeks are sure to bring some big changes.