Cora was feeling a little under the weather day so it just meant a little more snuggles and loves. Not such a bad thing in my mind.

We have big shoes to fill in this house. 

A little play time with mom as the jungle gym
 We found  new favorite play item in January, Gloop, or goop, or flarp... what ever you want to call it. But whatever it is we love it. And loved having some friends over to enjoy it with us.

 This was the first Sunday that we were home for Cora to go to Sunbeams. She was so excited and loves it! And Luckily Lucy still loves nursery so it was a win win :)

 Who doesn't love some cucumbers when dressing up
 Dressed in snow suit for the first time.
 And just a few moments in the life of Cora.
 We got to go to a friends birthday party and we were lucky enough to see their horse and feed him a bit of hay, Cora was in heaven.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve we had our friends over to party like it was the last day in 2013!
Ben Lived it up heels and all

 The boys spent a few good hours playing Nintendo, Nothing like living your childhood all over again.

We tried to get the kids to sleep at about 10:30 and it almost worked for a few good hours. 
 While we all lived up watching the ball drop at midnight! Happy New Year!

Cora wondered down to join in the party.

These three were all awake to party in the new year, While Ezra, Lucy, and Olivia were zonked out!

Christmas in Utah

 These are the girls in their Christmas skirts, to bad the girls won't wear them again because they were to tight. Word for the wise don't make pencil skirts for little girls

So there really isn't much to say much it is just for pictures to remember the good time :)

 My handsome man

 There were lots of festivities that went on the week that we were there. This is the book find, Cora was a bit tired but we love books!
 Some of the best parents in the world!

 Loving cookies at Grandma and Grandpa's

 Christmas Morning!

 Photo Bomb, way to go Sage.
 Everybody Enjoying Cranberry Ice

 The week was very tiring and girls defiantly felt the effects

 While in Utah Chad was able to meet up with some good high school/college/life friends

On our way out Grandpa treated us to Mooch's. Thanks again Grandpa, we always love you!