This isn't a regular baby...

Cora Jo is growing like crazy! We went to the doctor on Monday for her two month check up and the doctor said she was perfect. As of Monday she weighs 13 lbs (93 percentile) and is 24 inches long (95 percentile), He said that developmentally she is about a month ahead of other babies her age. She I was pregnant for a month longer than I needed to be. :)
She also had to get her first set of shots. I was scared for her but it wasn't so bad. They were really fast so it was over quick. She has had a cold for a few days so I was nervous that she would just feel terrible but if she did she didn't show it. She just sleep for about the next 24 hours :) Just barely waking up enough to eat then go back to sleep.

Playing with her rattle and making bubbles

Just got out of the bath which she loves to just relax and enjoy the warm water. Cora also loves to get lotion on after and she smells so good after :)
This is Cora this morning after Chad left for work. She was awake so Chad was holding her then just set her on the couch while I finished getting ready. After about 10 minutes I walked out and this is what I found, a sleeping baby.

We also had the Bischoff Family reunion this past weekend. It was a blast except for Thursday night and Friday morning. Cora, Chad, and I all got sick and didn't sleep much at all that night and then just felt awful that morning. But we started to feel better that afternoon and could participate in all the fun. Thanks again to Mary Ellen and Kenny for all their hard work we loved it!

On Thursday we went to the Redneck Water slide in Wellsville. It was really fun, the videos below will explain what it was.

The first one is Chad and all of his brothers Oldest to Youngest. After the train they all had a competition to see would could go the furthest... Chad won both times! :) Way to go babe :)

The Second one is Mary Ellen going down the slide. She was braver than I, she went down more than once and loved it Me on the other hand was a sissy and went down once and hurt my elbow and that was enough. I would post a picture about my bruised elbow but it doesn't look nearly as bad as it feels. So just image a really bad bruise and think that I am tough :)