Remember Today

This post is to remind me how lucky I am to have such beautiful little girls and to remind me in years to come how little they are and how much I love them and staying home with them each and every day.
How magical little things are like slime, and peanut butter oatmeal, and peanut butter apples, and snuggles on the couch, and watching them sleep. The best things in the world happen during the quietest days of our lives.



November was a great month that we got to reflect on how blessed we are and spend precious time with each other. Loving the last few days of warm park days and living it up.

Both my girls loved to be swaddled when they were babies and I guess there are something they just never grow out of. Baby Burritos at their finest.

Not everyday are you late to story time because you had to wait for a cattle drive to get past the library. :)

Lucy loves to sit up on the counter and help me cook. This day we had just cut up some pineapple and she is usually always willing to give a good cheeser

The burritos never get old especially when you can have a whole line up 
Bike Gang- you better watch out!

The girls and I had to go to Durango for a doctors appointment and made a morning of it. We went and got a bagel and donuts and went to the park. It hit me while we were there how big my girls are getting and crazy how both can just play on the playground by themselves.

 Both Cora and Lucy love to read. These pictures show the first time Lucy just chilled by herself reading some books. And Cora "reading" a book to Lu. I love that they love to read.
 Helping me cook. All you need is a swimsuit and an apron.

 The first SNOW of the year.

And again helping me cook. I just can't resist those pictures :)


 Cora and Lucy's fantastic Nursery Leaders grew a pumpkin patch just to let all the kids come a pick a pumpkin out. So on Conference weekend we went and picked two out, it was so fun.

A few days before Halloween we hosted a party with a few friends. We decorated cookies ate mummys and at cupcakes.

 The day before Halloween we had a party to go to and on Halloween we had another party and trunk or treating. Lucy was the cutest Tinkerbell and Cora was a cozy cuddly Care Bear.

 Halloween Morning with some vampire teeth and jack-o-lantern waffles.

 We were a little behind this year and didn't get around to carving pumpkins until Halloween day. I carved them and the girls painted them.

Going to City Market to trick or treat and play games that they had going on there.

The Saturday before Halloween Cortez has a Kid Parade that they have a costume contest then all the kids walk up and down like 4 blocks and all the stores hand out candy. It is really fun.
A great way to end Halloween was to have an adult only Halloween Party at the Patrick's house. It was a lot of fun where Chad was kind enough to humor me and dress up :)

Random October Funnest

 This post doesn't really have a smooth flow but there were just to many great pictures to not post so enjoy the cuteness love the Bischoff's :)
Good Morning Smiles with Oatmeal and Smoothy. Lucy's favorites

Bottled some pears, but I may have let them get too soft. Next time will not be so soft... hopefully

Enjoying a favorite, watermelon

One day when we were playing outside Cora randomly drew this person. We hadn't ever really done much drawing before so I was pretty excited.

Both in Piggies

We went on a beautiful hike in Mancos near by. It was a little wetter than we would have liked but it was beautiful none the less.

The kids taking a rest on the hike.
A rare moment of both babes asleep in the car.