My new hobby

I have decided to try something new...
The past new months I have taken up a new hobby of sewing and really enjoy it. I am now taking it a step further I have started an Etsy shop.
For those of you who don't know what an Etsy shop is, it is a website that allows you to basically have your store online.
I don't have a ton of stuff on there but will slowly build up my stock. I would also LOVE to do custom orders if you like the style of the dress but would prefer different colors and/or size.
I don't know how successful I will be but I'm not really doing it for the success. I just thought it would be something fun to try and see how it works out.
So go ahead and take a look and let your friends know about me :)

Just click here to preview my site, or on my Banner below.

My shops name is Ms Blue Eyes. Named after the person who has inspired me to create all that I have... Cora Jo.


Super Tuesday

Yesterday morning was not such a great day, by 11:00 all I had accomplished was to spill Cora's bananas all over our carpet, spill my pears/pear juice all over our kitchen floor, poor quality clean up of those, no cleaning of the weekend tornado, and a nap for both Cora and myself because of the waking up every 3 hours the night before.
The afternoon turned out to get a great time, Cora and I had the most fantastic day at the dollar store right in front of our home and a great walk on the semi warm day.
I think all the lack of energy from yesterday morning come in a flood this morning. It is 11:30 and I am just going to give myself a public pat on the back, here is a list of all I have accomplished this morning:
Cleaned our fridge- there was a unknown smell coming from it for the past week so I had to find the source, I took everything out and cleaned it I still am not sure the reason for the smell but I think the smell is gone or else I'm just use to it now :)
Replaced 3 burnt out light bulbs through out our home.
Cleaned/scrubbed our sink AND tub- I hate cleaning the tub/shower.
Cleaned up the usual mess.
Got myself cleaned up and ready.
Made dinner for tonight- lasagna
Cleaned up the dinner mess- (why do you have to do dishes 4 times a day? )
and Gave Cora a bath and got the residue of like 3 days of food out of her hair :)

I am quite happy with the morning and so is Cora. :)
Cora helped me clean the fridge was in hind sight was a bad idea but we got through it then she went down for a nap for the sink/tub/mess/my shower/and some of dinner. I was on a roll and wanted to finished dinner so I just let her play and roam around checking on her every few minutes.
The picture below is how she spent the last 10-15 minutes.

Can I just say it is going to be a good day. And a lot more sitting on my duff and playing with Cora this afternoon. :)