It's a Baby....

Last week we had the opportunity to go and find out that we have a very healthy baby girl coming our way.
It was an amazing experience, I am so grateful for the technology that we have to be able to see our baby to know that she is growing just as she should and that she couldn't be more perfect.
Our ultrasound tech guy was so great, he was so kind and knowledgeable about the equipment he was using and helping us see our baby. I know this is probably sounding really mushy but I am so grateful for people who spend their lives studying the human life and growth and using their skills to help me see my baby to tell me that she is growing great.
It took so much stress off my mind and made both of us much more excited for May, I really can not express enough how happy I am to hear that all of her major body parts (heart, kidneys, bones, brain, lips...) are all fully developed and in peak condition.

So in conclusion (as if I haven't said it enough) I am so grateful to live in this day and age so that we could see our baby and know that she is healthy and well.
Also we are more then half way done with this pregnancy! I am 21 weeks along and everything is going great. I haven't thrown up for about three weeks now and am starting to get energy back and my stomach isn't too huge yet :)

As for an update on Chad, he started classes on Monday and is ready for another semester of school. He is still working at his internship at Convergys and loving it. He is great at taking care of his wife and making me so happy, I am so lucky to have him forever!