Eating, Crawling, and growing

Cora is getting older and bigger every day. I can't believe it, she is now eating green beans and carrots and loving it.

She was sick for about a month and a half and is finally over it and feeling all the way better. First she had an eye infection then a week later we went back in to the doctor to find out she then had a whole pool of infection that was affecting her eyes, nose, ears, and throat. So we got an antibiotic, once we finished that on she was ok for a few day then started feeling sick again so we took her back in for the third time. Then to find out she still had a sinus infection so we got another stronger antibiotic. Now we are finally done with pinning Cora down and shoving medicine down her throat.

She is also getting up on her hands and knees and rocking and every once in a while face plant it trying to move forward.

I shot this video last week after she was eating. She makes this face when she is both mad and excited. We love her more everyday.

On another note my greatest sister named Emily Huff took our family pictures a while ago and here are a few of our favorites.