Bowling Night

Being away from family has left us with a lot of room to improve on doing things. And with it being still so cold outside we have very limited options to get out of the house. So one Saturday we decided to try our hand at bowling.
The awesome shoes.
 We had a great time. And notice the princess dress was not an option to come off for any outing
 Dad helping Cora push it down

 So the night started out with me wiping the floor with Chad... but somehow he came back and beat me... I still don't know how that happened.
 But Cora beat us both so maybe we need to practice up a bit.

Lucy in 2013

-Lucy is now 8 months old
-She is so content to just hang out
-Started to crawl officially on Friday January 18 and became a pro on Sunday January 27
-Fell down the stairs for the first time on Saturday January 26... gate went up on Sunday January 27
-Is a great eatter. She gets really excited every time we get her food ready and has yet to refuse any food. She also started to feed herself this month, but isn't real great at chewing yet so we are limited to what she can eat.
-She loves her sister Cora and has yet to express any separation anxiety with mom or dad yet :)
-She got her two bottom teeth a week after Christmas and is now in the stage of constant wondering if she is getting more... I don't like that aspect of this stage
-Got three sores on her face this past weekend. Signs that she is officially mobile
-Still gets up once or twice a night and has parents that are to weak to let her cry it out. We tried last night but she really just cried harder the longer we left her down there. And when she doesn't take a binky and will not snuggle I am at a loss at helping her go to sleep.
-Loves bath time and is a much better splasher than her older sister... but unfortunately Cora is learning how to splash too. 

Pro crawler 

Cora in January 2013

At the beginning of 2013 here is an update on Cora Jo:
-She is 2 1/2 years old
-Her favorite movies are Cinderella, Strawberry Shortcake, Dora the Explore, and Peter Pan
-Her favorite foods are Peanut Butter, Juice, Rice, cashews, Black Beans, Cookies, strawberries, and again Peanut Butter because she loves it so much
-She loves to read books, play with play dough, watch shows, and play in the snow.
-She loves nursery rhymes and knows most of them by heart
-She loves lambs  she has 3 that she plays with daily
-She is starting to not take naps anymore most days she doesn't take one but just crashes on the other days. And in my opinion she still needs one everyday :)
-Loves to go swimming at the pool here in Cortez, her favorite part is the lazy river to just go around and around with her life jacket.

Taking pictures but the camera is always facing the wrong way so we have lots of these pictures of her eye. I love it

One day we decided to paint our nails during Lucy's nap time and Cora painted both fingernails and toenails all by herself. She actually did a great job and loved it.

We have had a great time playing in the snow. Cora wanted to build a snowman all winter but the snow was always to powdery until this last week we were finally able to make a good snow man and named him sparkles.

These next few pictures are the transition of no naps. This one above is in WalMart. She was just sitting there and the next this I knew she was slumping over and so I grabbed her head and laid her down. It was a very quite shopping trip :)
The rest of the pictures are usually falling asleep during her tv time for the day. I still love her to fall asleep in my arms. Nothing better

December 2012

 December In Cortez:
We were able to go back to Utah for Christmas but the beginning of December was filled with lots of learning and growing here at home.

Cora always amazes me with what will entertain her for hours :) This day it was making soup in the sink with water and bowl and the scrub brush.
This is on our way to Utah. Looks comfy huh?

Some friends, The Meahams,  invited us over to make gingerbread cookies and decorate their tree. Also notice this dress because it is worn almost everyday at our house since Halloween. It was her Cinderella costume but is now an everyday must wear Cinderella dress.

 Lucy continues to get cuter everyday. She is such a great baby rarely cries and is always happy when someone with play with her. This is her talking and just having a good time.
 A very exciting thing happened in December for our family... Chad finished is Masters of Human Resource Degree! Yahoo! This is him on his very last day of class. It is so great to have Friday nights and Saturday mornings back. I am so proud of him for finishing school for ever!
 Just looking cute on Sunday Morning
 This is Cora's most time consuming past time. Play dough. She gets all her tiny toys such as squinkies, animals, little pet shop, and people and they all have a great time in nests or homes or making scarfs for all of them.

 Cora has a great memory and often surprises me with telling me about something I had said eariler or what we had done a long time ago. But she knew all of Santa's Reindeer names.

Our house

This post is for my Aunt Kathy. She asked for pictures of our house a while ago so here they are very late :)
 This is Cora's room. And I am very glad to say that she now sleeps all night in her own bed. For about 2 months she was waking up often in the night and either going in the living room on the couch or just waking up sad and insisting on us laying with her until she fell asleep. But she now is a great sleeper again. And I couldn't be happier.

There is another room downstairs but Lucy was sleeping in it at the time I was taking pictures there is also a bathroom downstairs but it is bare and not very exciting. So if you want to see those two room you will just have to come visit us :) Cortez is a great place and All of you should come visit :)