Making memories

I love the night time routine. It has evolved over the past years but every change I still love it.
Right now Chad reads books to Cora while I get Lucy to bed then I tell Cora a few stories in bed then Chad signs her a song or two while rubbing her head.
She loves every part of it.

A big change happened on March 6. Lucy crawled over to a new stroller that our friends the Patrick's gave to us and just started walking with it. She hasn't taken any steps totally unassisted but loves walking with her stroller or holding on to our hands.  

 Cora and Lucy have really started to play together. They like to copy each other and laugh and laugh.

This past week has been beautiful! The weather is warm again! It has been in the 50's and 60's and getting to the 70's. So that means we can go to the park!

Lucy loves the swing as you can see in a video down below. And Cora's legs look so long when she is in the baby swings :)

 Lucy is now 10 months old and can definatly make a mess. She has learned how to pull everything off the selves and sit in the mess and play play play. This video makes me so happy to just watch a short clip of my everyday. Watching these two girls play and explore. I love it

Come Visit Us :)

We had our first official visitors in February. My sister Emily and her family came it visit and it was awesome! We loved having them come and would love anyone else to come :)

Cortez is not super exciting but we sure are :)
They got her Friday and Saturday morning we went to the swimming pool and had a blast playing in the lazy river, going down the slide, and wading in the kid pool.

It was semi warm so spent some time outside going for a short walk and coloring on the drive way.

Cora could hardly contain herself with excitement and/or lack of sleep but she still often talks about all her cousin to come and play with her here.
This is baby Lily or baby Luly and Cora calls her we were excited to meet her and give her lots of loves.
So it may have technically been the Huff families vacation but it felt more like ours. Matt was in the kitchen most of the time making all of my favorite meals. Delicious Pork Tenderloin, creamy mash potatoes, drinkable gravy, fall apart roast, yummy fruit sauce... and on and on. You guys should probably just move in :)

Lucy making a mess with dinner. It was all over her face and hair.

Some may say that I have done this a few times but none the less... if you leave surprise pictures on my camera everyone gets to see them :)

Thanks again Ava

We had a few competitions with Perfection and just hung out.
We again loved having them and are excited for more visitors to come ;)

Valentines Day

 For Valentines Day we had Heart Shaped Pancakes and pears arranged in hearts. For me Valentines Day is a challenge to see how many thing I can shape into a heart

 A Baby that I love
 For dinner I made Cora's (and possibly Chad's) Favorite meal. Sweet and Sour Meat Balls shaped into hearts of course :) And Asparagus
 We had dinner by candlelight...so romantic :)

We hope you had a day filled with love! :)


February came and went as faster than I ever knew time could go. We have just been living life here in Cortez. We had a few exciting things happen such as girls growing up faster than weeds, a great visit from my sister Emily and her family, some great snow days, and lots of laughs and loves.
Here are a few pictures to document our month of Love :)
A picture of me and Lucy because I don't have to many of them and who doesn't love a baby in just a diaper?
This is how Cora spends a good part of her life... in books. She loves them! Cora also has a fantastic memory she has many books that every word is memorized and she reads them to herself over and over again.
We were having Oreos for a treat and Cora had to do it exactly like Chad.
Happy times in the snow. Lucy couldn't move much but she looks cute :)
Cora helping feed Lucy
They both get in the tub then after Lucy has played for a while I get her out and fill the tub up for for Cora to play but Lucy always goes back in the bathroom and tries to get back in the tub. I think they would both stay in there all day.
Welcoming Daddy Home!

Here is a video of Cora reading her favorite book Peter Pan.