The Polar Express

The December 1st we started our Christmas Celebration by going on The Polar Express in Durango, a town near by.
We had a great time, we got the book from the library a few days before and read it lots with Cora so that she would be more excited. And she loved it! Although the actual train ride was focused more on the movie than the book, which I guess is a good thing cause the book isn't really that long. :)

They did a reenactment of the boy getting on the train then we all got on the train and got hot chocolate as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars :) and really good chocolate chip cookies. And rode to the North Pole and saw the little boy get on Santa's sleigh to receive the first gift of Christmas.  With lots of lights and elves all over, Cora's favorite part was a huge snowman cause she isn't such a fan of Santa.

On the way back everyone in our car sang Christmas songs and Santa came by and gave everyone a silver bell. It was a magical night.

Chad and Cora as waiting for the train... we ended up over dressing for the event it wasn't as cold as we expected so we ended up carrying a few coats, hats, mittens, and blankets :)

The Polar Express... This was the best part when the train pulled up all the chefs and conductors were hanging out side waving as it past by.

The conductor even punched a letter out on each ticket. And let the punched out ticket fall all over our face
The delicious cookies. They had really pretty green and red sparkles all over them. It was like eating magic

After the train ride we went out to eat with our friends the Patrick's.
And just so you know the bell still rings for all of us.