I love the fall time for lots of reasons, one of which is preserving the goodness.
This is the first year that I canned peaches and pears all by my self. It was fun to do and luckily they all sealed and none broke.
 In Cortez there is a university research campus that allows all the community to come a pick apples, peaches, pears, plums, and grapes all for 75 cents a pound. Mirissa and Olivia came with us to get some apples and pears. It was really fun to pick the fruit your self and they were all beautiful!

 Beautiful Produce.

Soccer and Labor Day

This year Cora participated in Soccer! She had mixed feeling about it but overall loved it.
First day ready to play

 At first she didn't really care about playing to much and spent a lot of time on the ground or just walking around.

 But then she scored one day and she was really into it. She could hardly wait to play again. Until she played again and someone stole the ball from her... then she had a bit of a melt down. So we had to work out the happy medium of caring about scoring a goal but not getting mad if she didn't.
 Then she became good friends with a girl on the team and then they just wanted to run around and do somersaults on the field. So hopefully in the spring we can figure out the happy medium of desire :)
 On labor day we had a full fun day with our friends. We started out the day at a dive Ted's Tacos in Mancos for some good breakfast burritos and fry bread. Then we went to the park near and pretended to be kids again.
 After the park the outdoor pool was having a free day, so we all packed up and swam our hearts then then all went home for a good nap. Then met back up for hotdogs and hamburgers and a movie for the kids. Fun for all


Here is a look into what we do all day everyday. To help me remember in years to come.
 We love snack time, especially when it is Nutella and Graham Crackers
 Playing at the park, feeding the ducks and going down the slide.

 Cora built this whole train and lined up all her animals.
And Cora still loves to dress up!

Phillips Family Reunion

The end of August my family all got together in Logan so we headed up to join in on the fun. It was a whole week of fun family time. Playing games, meeting new babies, camping at the river, talent shows, and lots of fun time.
 The drive was exciting as usual I gave Lucy a Gogurt... bad idea :)

 Who doesn't love Merrill Olsen park?

 More importantly who doesn't love Aggie Ice Cream?

 A highlight of the week was a princess tea party

Fair Time

Cortez didn't have a fantastic fair but we still loved seeing a few cows, chickens, goats, turkeys, and bunnies.

And just a cute Lucy smile
This video is Cora and Lucy playing in the sandbox.

Balloons Festival

The beginning of August we got a few early morning treats.
It started early (6:30) But totally worth it to watch about 15 Hot Air Balloons get set up and rise into the air.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Family Time

In July we had a lot of family time and here is a recap of all of it.

To start July off Chad and I both participated in our first triathlon. It was a blast except of the swimming for me (I thought I was going to die). But when Chad started his last event the run he felt something in his pocket and he found on of Lucy's lost socks :) It was his lucky charm for the rest of the race.

 Happy fourth :) We didn't do much else that day due to the waking up early and tired from the race. But Chad and I did watch the fireworks from our front door :) Happy Birthday America!

 In the summer Cortez has a really fun activity every night outside, the Indian Dances. The Roach family demonstrate 5 or 6 different traditional dances. It was beautiful.

Cora loves doing puzzles especially big floor puzzles.
 Cute jammie girls

Books before bed.

Hanging out in a fort before bed.

 One day we decided to straighten Cora's hair to see what it would look like. She looked so different and her hair was so long. Along with her curly hair she inherited a very sweaty head. Thus 2 hours after we straightened her hair and playing at the park, it was almost all curly again except the top that doesn't touch her neck.


 Playing in the rain and playing herself to sleep.

 The 3 pictures above kill me... when we go to stores Cora often finds toys that she loves and doesn't want to leave so we often take pictures to remember them and the leave them behind with out to much of a melt down. I love it.

 This is Cute Lucy who loves Balls and sometimes feels attached right after naps.