Crimson Trail

For Labor Day we decided to hike up Crimson Trail which is up Logan Canyon. We got up at about 8 and started our adventure. The Gardners , Chet and Annaliese, came with us.
It was a beautiful day, I love hiking.

Here we are at the beginning of the hike.Taking a rest in the middle, once we finally made it to the top!

A cool spot to take a picture :)

Later that afternoon we had to live up to the day and rest from our "Labors" So we took a good nap, in place of doing our home work.... oops :)


The 80's Dance

For W.O.W (Week of Welcome) up at USU they had an 80's dance. And being the cool married couple that we are we didn't have anything else going on so we decided to take part.
It was pretty rad... Chad and I both dressed up with a variety of clothing that I had adopted over the years.
Chad wore one of my tie die shirts along with some of my running tight that were previously my older brothers (Toph remember the black tights with blue and white stripe?) Along with some of my runny shorts and a head band. He looked pretty hott not going to lie :) It was so funny
My outfit wasn't quite as exciting but I made up for it with my big hair and bright makeup.

All in all the night was a hit with the millions of people 80's music videos and lots of sweaty people.

We represented all the married couples at USU, for I am pretty sure we were the only ones there. :)

Rock on!