Ear Piercing

I have gone 20 years against the norm. But I gave in last Friday, I finally got my ears pierced.
My sister Cathrine was kind enough to go with me so I didn't have to go by my self and I could surprise Chad. It worked out great.
I don't know what people are talking about when they say it doesn't hurt. I will be honest to all the world... It hurt! Not extremely but it hurt enough. Although now the hard part (the needle, which isn't really a needle just the earing so its not ever really sharp to pierce the skin easy) is over and I am taking super good care of the new hole in my body hoping it won't get infected.

Tuesday Night Excitment

The night started out normal, I went shopping then made dinner. After dinner I went out side to finish raking up our yard...(more on that later). While I was raking Chad came out and cleaned of the grill, when Chad and his friend Dallin moved the grill to our trailer the handle to turn the propane tank on/off broke off.
So it has been sitting next to our trailer for about 2 months with no handle and last night we found out that it was stuck in the on position. So we have a full tank of propane stuck on hooked up to the grill.
Chad tried many times with pliers to turn the lever but it was stuck pretty good. So Chad called Dad Bischoff and he suggested to call the fire department to see if they knew what to do.
But due to the convenient location of our trailer, the fire department is just across the street, and since it was a beautiful night we decided to just walk over and talk to them.
We went over and three fire fighters were just hanging out in the office so we presented our problem to them and they said they would just come over and look at it. They told us to meet them out front while they get their tools.
Next thing we know they pull the fire engine out and tell us to hop in!!! The Fireman who was sitting in front of about 5 different computers told us, "We don't go any where with out our engine."
This isn't just one of the small trucks either. This is the full fledge big red fire engine!
So we rode with them probably for about 0.10 mile to our trailer. They parked the engine next to our little #51 (the engine was probably just as big as our house) and go over to the grill to observe the situation.
The Fireman pulls out his wrench and twists and presto the propane tank is off! But don't worry they were more prepared then just a wrench they had a gas detector and all! :) But a wrench and liquid soap was all they needed. I got the soap for them inside... so practically I'm a fireman now :)
Just in case you were wondering the soap was placed in areas where leaks could occur and if bubbles come up then you know the tank is leaking.
So we chatted for a couple minutes and said our thanks and the Logan Fire Department got in the engine and went back home.

So needless to say I was SO excited that I got to ride in a Fire Engine! I didn't know I would be so excited but it was awesome, I couldn't stop smiling through the whole situation! :) I am very sorry to say that my camera was out of batteries or else I would have a picture with me in the fire engine and the firemen fixing our grill :) So here is a fake picture just to give you an idea. Chad was also excited but I guess he can control himself a little better.


Honey Moon

The next event in our life together is the Honey Moon.

We went to Jackson Hole and had a blast. People often ask us what we did... Did we float the river?... Did we go mountain biking?...Did we go to Bar J Wranglers?... Did we hike our hearts out in the beautiful Tetons?.... Did we see any bears in Yellowstone?
The answer to all of those questions is No.
We enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors by looking at the forest behind the hotel we stayed in and by driving through the canyon from Victor to Jackson many many times.
We had reservations to go to Bar J Wranglers but then we didn't go. We had intentions to go both hiking and biking but just didn't get around to it.
So pretty much we really didn't do much. Just stayed in an awesome hotel called Teton Inn & Spa. I am proud to say that we did take advantage of the Spa in the hotel. Both Chad and I got our first full body massages.
Unfortunately Chad really didn't like his. But I loved mine, so I guess that's good news. :)

And as for Yellowstone. My brother went to Yellowstone the week before with his family so he gave us a pass to get in for free. Chad said he hadn't ever been before so I was really excited to go, going back on my childhood memories I loved Yellowstone... all the animals...looking for bears...Old Faithful.
So on Sunday after church we started driving to Yellowstone. Chad was tired so it was my turn to drive. After about 1 1/2 hours we were in about the middle of Teton National Park then after 2 hours we were finally in Yellowstone.
This still wasn't good news. We were no where near any of the tourist sites and no animals were in site. Chad got a little impatient and I was sick of driving so after debating of a moment and realizing Chad wouldn't have fun even if we did ever get there we decided to turn around. So we went about 1/2 into Yellowstone but didn't see any animals... and spent about 5 extra hours in the car just driving to and from Yellowstone.

Even from the lack of activity we both enjoyed our selves thoroughly!
I didn't do a very good job at taking pictures so the only ones we got were taken on my computer :)

Wedding Pictures

To start off our blog I think it is appropriate to start with wedding pictures.
I don't have a lot but I do have some good ones.
We got married on June 26 and the whole day was... (as it should be).. perfect!

So here are a few pictures to show you our joy on our wedding day. :)
Also thanks to all of you who were there and helped I wouldn't have had done anything different. Thanks for all your help and support!

While we were taking pictures Chad had this brilliant idea, we would run down the hill
It was really fun but I think he may have enjoyed it to much :)
I love Chad's legs in this one... and his face.

Starting a Blog

I figured now since we are married and have been for over a month it is time to start our own blog. So here it is.... Hope you all enjoy.