The New Exciting Stuff

We have a new little alien growing in my belly and will be here around May 7.
Here's to hoping that it isn't as big as its big sister.

We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to not being sick any more :)
We went to the doctor last week and she said that everything is looking good.

Everyday funness

I don't have a lot else to say since Labor Day except we have been having a good time enjoying the beautiful weather and playing with loved ones.

We have been hanging out in Brigham City folk...

 This is Cora helping Grandma Bischoff water her pretty flowers
 Smelling the pretty flower. Grandma has such an amazing green thumb

Playing outside of our apartment.
There is a huge cherry tomato plant that Cora loves to go pick a few green tomatoes off and play with. I don't know what is so great about it but it has entertained her for hours over this summer.
 She also loves to wear my shoes, if we are inside she puts them on and waves bye-bye and tries to open the door.
 This is Cora at the Logan Library the other day. They have a fish tank there that she loves to look at all the fish and just laughs 

Conference weekend we had the opportunity to live in luxury. The Bischoff's had a timeshare at the Marriot Mountainside Hotel in Park City. It was so much fun. I went up on Thursday with my sisters Emily and Rebecca and their kids and my mom. Then  my sister Emily Ann joined us on Friday for some swimming in pools like this...
It was great. 
Here are Madalyn and Ava playing in the playroom. Again I didn't take many pictures so this is as good as it gets here.
Then on Friday afternoon Chad joined Cora and I and we spent the night there again with more of the Bischoff crew.
Thanks again for letting us participate the the luxury :)

These next pictures are probably Cora's favorite part of the day... Breakfast.
When Cora wakes up there has never been very many fun good morning snuggles, she gets right to business. She wants food!  And does she ever wake up hungry. So breakfast only includes quick foods like toast, oatmeal, eggs, cereal, and pancakes (if the batter is ready and pan is heated up).  I love eating breakfast with her every morning.
 This is her favorite meal, pancakes with syrup that she can dip dip in and a smoothy. There has yet to be a morning where she eats fewer pancakes then me. I don't know how her stomach handles it but she really can eat 2 or 3 big pancakes.
 The past few days she had been sitting like this, her knees propped up again the tray and squatting instead of sitting. It seems to me like her legs would fall asleep but she doesn't mind it.