What is next for us?

 If you are wondering what that beautiful city is you see below is.... It is our new home. Cortez, Colorado.

As of yesterday afternoon we are going to be moving to Cortez in about two weeks. Chad has been offered a new title of Human Resource Manager for the Smith Group. And we accepted it!

The Smith Group owns about 35 different Aaron's stores all over the western United States and and continuing to grow and have asked Chad to come be their HR :)

You don't have to read this next part but I am going to put it on here for my memories sake.
Last Wednesday Chad had an interview with a guy named Mike here at the Aaron's store in Logan and on Thursday a lady, Patty called him and had another interview and asked if he and his family could come down for another interview.

So yesterday Wednesday September 12 Chad, Lucy, and I (we left Cora with my sister Emily) went to the Logan Airport to be picked up by the company jet to go down to Cortez, Colorado. It was a little plane with six seats and only took about an hour and a half to get there. We got there and just driving to the office we started to like the town.
Chad then had an interview for about 30 minutes with me outside the door trying to listen to what they were saying :) Then Chad and I took their car and explored the town for about an hour we then went back to the office and they told us about a town that was 10 miles out of town that we really pretty and pretty much told us to go look at it. I don't think they were done discussing the interview. So we took off about and went to Dolores, it was extremely pretty and cute little town. We talked for a bit then went back and they offered the job to Chad!
We then went for another short drive to the church building that was just up the road from the office and decided that we were going to except it. We went and told them and everyone cheered :)

The main boss offered a studio apartment on his property for us to stay in until we find a place to live so pretty much we are beyond excited for a new adventure in life.
We stopped by the bosses house and it was literally a dream house. It is on 109 acres of rolling hills, a small canyon with a pond, horses, cows, bunnies, dogs, and pretty much any recreation toy there is. :)
We feel so blessed to be able to live there for a short time until we can find a bigger place and to be working with great people.

We have loved our time here in Logan and will be really sad to move but we are excited to see what it is like to live out side of Franklin/Cache/Box Elder Counties.  Everyone we have talked to there have all said that their ward is the best and that it is a great place to live so we are excited to meet new people.

Chad starts October 2 and the rest is completely unknown :)
So if anyone knows someone in Cortez tell them we are coming :)

This is the company plane that we flew on.
And here is Business Man Chad :) I sure love him and am so proud of all the hard work he does for our family