Our First Home!

I thought that since I am really bad at updating this Blog that I should just post something about our house that we have been living in for the past 4 months.

Here is our awesome #51.

We live in the Utah State University Mobile Home Park, the great thing about it is that it is only half a mile away from the Main Campus, and yet we ride the bus everyday to and from school. :) It is extremely nice to get on a warm bus when it is snowing outside, yes it has already snowed this year and it is only October 13.

A little history on our home, Chad and I had just gotten engaged and I received a text from Chad saying that he put a down payment on the last available trailer. And that is about it. I didn't look at it until after we already had it and we didn't look at any other apartments or houses, we just knew we were meant to be trailer trash.

Anyways here are some pictures of our house, I love it! Notice the green grass, that is my doing :) I put much effort into cleaning up our lawn/weeds to look semi decent. Just in time for it to get covered up by snow.

This picture above is the worst thing about our daily life. The fire alarm, I understand that they are generally helpful but something is seriously wrong with ours and if you can read the small orange sticker it says "$75 fine" if we touch it at all.
So here is the problem. When ever Chad or I take a shower and have a semi warm shower that produces even the slightest amount of steam we get the sweet lullaby of the fire alarm telling us that we have a fire in our home.
Isn't it great?


Our First Home

Here is our bedroom, we are renting the smallest size of trailer available and at first I was nervous that we wouldn't even be able to fit a bed into our room, but good news we have plenty of room for a bed, 2 dressers, and a night stand.

This is the spare room/office/junk room. It is constantly a mess and yet it is turning into my favorite room, because when the heat is on this is a very small room with a good vent and only one small window, thus the heat stays in and is very warm :)

Chad also keeps all this guitar equipment in this room and plays it every once an a while, I think that is when our neighbors love us the most. When Chad has his eclectic guitar plugged in.
This is the hall way. I know very very exciting.
Here is our bathroom. Notice the pink wall paper, it is a gem and I'm sure if we were to take it to Antique Road Show we would be thousand's of dollars richer.

This is our front room, This is my first time attempting to be crafty and cute (note: I have never been crafty or cute or produced any thing close to those definitions) Despite the previously mentioned trial I am happy with how the front room turned out. :)

Before we got married I decided to personalize our home so I decided to make some curtains. I made enough to cover 5 windows, 5 custom made curtains. At the end I probably spent more money and time then was worth it to make my own, I probably should have just bought some. At least the store bought generalized curtains would probably fit another window when we move out of the trailer.

The book shelf with all parts of our life on it, school, church, junk, etc. And the cute little plate holder decor thing, that still doesn't have plates on it :) I think are both great little touches to the room :)
This is one of those custom made curtains that I am pretty sure will not ever have use after we move away from #51. But it sure does have a place and purpose now :)
So far all of our furniture in the front room, well I guess in our whole house, we only bought the blue couch (below) from the DI, it was quite the find. It only stunk for about a month but after a lot of Febreze and dryer sheets it now has no pungent odor repelling of it.

Here is our lovely Kitchen, I love it. It is big and open. The windows provide lots of light and air. There isn't tons of counter space but enough to be able to make dinner.

This picture is for Emily, This is our vent over the stove. All you have to do is pull the cord and the back of the fan opens up outside and presto a ventilation system to clear the air. Its pretty awesome. I don't really see why more people don't have one. I am going to require it in every house I live in. :)
This is our laundry room, after bringing in a wash and dryer that both were broken we finally found a set that serves us well.
Here is the only downfall of our kitchen, the Sink. It is about 6 inches deep and is not very conducive for washing dishes. Which I guess is good because it is very hard to let dishes pile up but when they do it is quite the process. :)