For April Fool's Day Cora wanted to straighten her hair to trick everyone. We are super tricky. We also made some Rice Krispy Treats to take to some friends, the first batch had all sorts of extras added such as Almond Extract, garlic powder, onion powder, and pretty much any white spice I had in my cupboard, and a few chocolate chips on top. Later that night we took over another plate of treats with no extras added, and our friend Mirissa didn't even realize that the first batch was nasty! Jeff was trying to be polite and just said that he just didn't like desserts very much anymore after one bite :)
 Lucy's favorite snack is frozen blueberries and she is always a big purple people eater after wards

In the beginning of April we got a random snow storm that we went out and enjoyed for the morning while it was here :)

Cora finished up Soccer in April most of the last games were really cold or rainy but she still held up the tradition of Peanut Butter Banana before each game and was a great player

 Who doesn't like to try on their parents glasses?

A fun rain storm on day we had to go out and jump in a few puddles.
 I made these dresses for their Easter Dresses and had a quick photo shoot on morning to remember how much I love these two beauties.

 We went to Utah for Easter and of course I don't really have many pictures but it was a blast and we loved going to the river and throwing eggs down the hill :) On the way home Chad looked back in the back seat and couldn't figure out what Cora had on her glasses. She got a journal that locks from Grandma Phillips for Easter and had to keep the key in a safe spot during her nap and I guess this was the safest around :)

Robin Egg lips, Always the best

Just a pretty drive one on night in Cortez.

Enjoying some ice cream after the last soccer game of the season, with good friend Hadley.

And Lucy being Lucy.
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