March 2014

The Happening in March in a quick photo drop :)

Cora got her first hair cut! It wasn't very much I just clipped the bottom to even it out, and since then she keeps asking if she need another "short cut"

Pretty Lucy on a Sunday Morning

Lucy was reading books to her baby and taking good care of her baby.
This is Cora on just a regular basis, she loves to dress up in any dress up and also loves to dance. We made a "back stage" out of the entertainment cent and she would come out and dance so beautifully. It should be said that Lucy was also there but her choice of dress up was not quite so covering for her little body :)

Almost every Sunday we have/had tradition of watching The Amazing Race (while it was on). We would usually make cookies dough then go for a walk then come back and cook them then take them downstairs and watch The Amazing Race. This specific day the girls didn't quite make it all the way through :)

Everyone enjoying some cereal before bed. Not much better then that.
The weather was getting nice we could start enjoying our back yard :) And kites are always fun
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