June slowness

 After downloading all the pictures off my camera I only have a few from June, so we must have just been having to much fun to even think about taking a picture to remember it :) 
But I do have these ones and figured I should share since at least a part of each day is filled by these magical beads. Melty beads as they are called at are house are a love hate relationship for me. I love them because Cora will spend  hours creating new designs and patterns and loves having them but they seem to always make a mess and I have cleaned up them more times that I would like to :) Oh well I haven't thrown them out so I guess the love is more then the hate. I also love to play with them too :)

And this is just a regular Saturday afternoon chillin, reading books, and playing. I can't believe how lucky I am to have all these three in my life.
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